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Registered agencies

#Unique agency IDAbbreviationFull nameCountryEPOS supplier letterInternational network(s)Local network(s)Station(s)
41IAAIAAInstitute of Applied AstronomyRUS (Russian Federation)Not signedEPN
42ICGCICGCInstitut Cartografic i Geologic de CatalunyaESP (Spain)SignedEPN, EPN densification, EPOS
43ICVICVCartographic Institute of ValenciaESP (Spain)SignedEPN, EPN densification, EPOS
44IECAIECAInstituto de Estadistica y Cartografia de AndaluciaESP (Spain)Not signedEPN densification
45IESSGIESSGUniversity of NottinghamGBR (United Kingdom)Not signedEPN
47IGEIGEInstituto Geografico Nacional de EspanaESP (Spain)SignedEPN, EPN densification, EPOS
48IGEARIGEARInstituto Geografico de AragonESP (Spain)SignedEPN densification, EPOS
49IGGIGG WUELSWroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences Institute of Geodesy and GeoinformaticsPOL (Poland)Not signedEPN
50IGIKIGIKInstitute of Geodesy and CartographyPOL (Poland)SignedEPN