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Registered agencies

#Unique agency IDAbbreviationFull nameCountryEPOS supplier letterInternational network(s)Local network(s)Station(s)
51IGMIIGMIItalian Military Geographic InstituteITA (Italy)Not signedEPN
52IGN_RGPIGN_RGPInstitut National de l'Information Géographique et ForestièreFRA (France)SignedEPN, EPN densification, EPOS
53IMVPIMVPInstitute of Metrology for Time and SpaceRUS (Russian Federation)Not signedEPN
54INGEOCADINGEOCADState Enterprise Institute of Geodesy, Engineering Ressearch and CadastreMDA (Republic of Moldova)Not signedEPN
55INGVINGVIstituto Nazionale di Geofisica e VulcanologiaITA (Italy)Not signedEPN densification, EPOS
56INRIMINRIMIstituto Nazionale di Ricerca MetrologicaITA (Italy)Not signedEPN
57INSUINSUInstitut National des Sciences de l'UniversFRA (France)Not signedEPN
58IRSMIRSM CASAcademy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Institute of Rock Structure and MechanicsCZE (Czech Republic)SignedEPN, EPN densification, EPOS
59ITACYLITACYLInstituto Tecnologico Agrario de Castilla y LeonESP (Spain)Not signedEPN, EPN densification
60ITCGITCGIstituto Tecnico Commerciale e per Geometri "F.lli Felice e Gregorio Fontana"ITA (Italy)Not signedEPN