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Registered agencies

#Unique agency IDAbbreviationFull nameCountryEPOS supplier letterInternational network(s)Local network(s)Station(s)
1AGHAGH-USTAGH University of Science and TechnologyPOL (Poland)SignedEPN, EPOS
2ARAARAARANZADI Society of SciencesESP (Spain)SignedEPN, EPN densification, EPOS
3ASGEUPOSASGEUPOSASG-EUPOS Management Center Head Office of Geodesy and CartographyPOL (Poland)SignedEPN, EPN densification
4IRSMIRSM CASAcademy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Institute of Rock Structure and MechanicsCZE (Czech Republic)SignedEPN, EPN densification, EPOS
5ASIASIAgenzia Spaziale ItalianaITA (Italy)Not signedEPN
6DGSDGSAristotle University of ThessalonikiGRC (Greece)SignedEPN, EPOS
7SRCPASSRCPASAstrogeodynamical ObservatoryPOL (Poland)Not signedEPN
8STPOSSTPOSAutonome Provinz Bozen - SudtirolITA (Italy)Not signedEPN, EPN densification
9SGOSGOBFKH FTFF Satellite Geodetic ObservatoryHUN (Hungary)SignedEPN, EPN densification, EPOS
10BIGFBIGFBritish Isles Continuous GNSS Facility University of NottinghamGBR (United Kingdom)Not signedEPN densification