AcronymNameAgencyCountryContact nameContact emailAdditional informationStation(s)
Belgian-nodeBelgian EPOS-GNSS nodeROBBelgium (BEL)RVBPUy1HTlNTIHRlYW0=ZXBvc0BvbWEuYmU=This node distributes the RINEX data from Belgian EPOS stations
C4GPortuguese EPOS-GNSS National NodeC4GPortugal (PRT)QzRHIEdOU1MgdGVhbQ==Y29udGFjdEBnbnNzLWVwb3MuZXU=The C4G/UBI node disseminates GNSS data from stations managed by: C4G (Collaboratory for Geosciences), DGT (Direção Geral do Território), REPRAA (Rede de Estações Permanentes Região Autónoma dos Açores), RAEGE (Rede Atlântica de Estações Geodinâmicas e Espaciais), SEGAL (UBI/IDL) (Space & Earth Geodetic Analysis Center). This node accepts data from Portuguese GNSS Stations that comply with minimum quality levels of operation and with the Node representative establishes an agreement with.