AcronymNameAgencyCountryContact nameContact emailAdditional informationStation(s)
Belgian-nodeBelgian EPOS-GNSS nodeROBBelgium (BEL)RVBPUy1HTlNTIHRlYW0=ZXBvc0BvbWEuYmU=This node distributes the RINEX data from Belgian EPOS stations
C4GPortuguese EPOS-GNSS National NodeC4GPortugal (PRT)QzRHIEdOU1MgdGVhbQ==Y29udGFjdEBnbnNzLWVwb3MuZXU=The C4G/UBI node disseminates GNSS data from stations managed by: C4G (Collaboratory for Geosciences), DGT (Direção Geral do Território), REPRAA (Rede de Estações Permanentes Região Autónoma dos Açores), RAEGE (Rede Atlântica de Estações Geodinâmicas e Espaciais), SEGAL (UBI/IDL) (Space & Earth Geodetic Analysis Center). This node accepts data from Portuguese GNSS Stations that comply with minimum quality levels of operation and with the Node representative establishes an agreement with.
CzechGeoCzechGeoGOPCzechia (CZE)RHIuIEphbiBEb3XFoWE=amFuLmRvdXNhQHBlY255LmN6This node distributes GNSS data from Czech Republic.