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#AbbreviationNetwork nameNetwork typeCountryNetwork managerDOIAdditional informationStation(s)
1VOLCVolcano ObservatoriesVirtualROB
2VESOGResearch and Experimental Network for GNSS ObservationsLocalCZE (Czech Republic)GOP
3System.NETSystem.NETLocalUKR (Ukraine)System.NETPermanent GNSS network operated by the JSC System Solutions (Kiev)
4ROB_GNSSROB GNSS NetworkLocalBEL (Belgium)ROB and metadata from continuously observing GNSS tracking stations operated by the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB)
5RINGRete Integrata Nazionale GNSSLocalITA (Italy)INGV following stations abroad Italy belong to the RING network: - RSMN00SMR (Republic of San Marino) - MALT00MT (Malta) - ANKY00GRC (Greece) - KTHA00GRC (Greece) - STRF00GRC (Greece) two more RING stations located in Greece will be added soon...
6RENAGRéseau National GNSSLocalFRA (France)OREME
7PPGNETPecny-Patras-Praha GNSS NetworkLocalGRC (Greece)RIGTC GOP
8NOANETNOA National GNSS NetworkLocalGRC (Greece)NOANOANET is a regional network of GNSS stations placed in Greece, established and maintained by the National Observatory of Greece (NOA).
9NFO_TABOONear Fault Observatory TabooVirtualITA (Italy)INGVit is virtually represented by a subset of RING stations
10MAO_GNSSMAO GNSS NetworkLocalUKR (Ukraine)MAOPermanent GNSS network operated by the Main Astronomical Observatory (MAO) of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Kiev)