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Registered agencies

#Unique agency IDAbbreviationFull nameCountryInternational network(s)Local network(s)Station(s)
1AGGAGG_DITSUniversity of Rome 'La Sapienza' Area di Geodesia e GeomaticaITA (Italy)EPN, EPOS
2AGHAGH-USTAGH University of Science and TechnologyPOL (Poland)EPN, EPOS
3ARAARAARANZADI Society of SciencesESP (Spain)EPN, EPN densification, EPOSBFA, GFA
4ASGEUPOSASGEUPOSASG-EUPOS Management Center Head Office of Geodesy and CartographyPOL (Poland)EPN, EPN densificationASGEUPOS
5ASIASIAgenzia Spaziale ItalianaITA (Italy)EPN
6BEVBEVFederal Office of Metrology and Surveying AustriaAUT (Austria)EPN, EPN densification
7BIGFBIGFBritish Isles Continuous GNSS Facility University of NottinghamGBR (United Kingdom)EPN densification
8BKGBKGBundesamt fuer Kartographie und GeodaesieDEU (Germany)EPN, EPN densification, EPOS
9BMEDGSBMEDGSBudapest University of Technology and EconomicsHUN (Hungary)EPN, EPOS
10CANTCANTGobierno de CantabriaESP (Spain)EPN densification