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Registered agencies

#Unique agency IDAbbreviationFull nameCountryInternational network(s)Local network(s)Station(s)
1BEVBEVFederal Office of Metrology and Surveying AustriaAUT (Austria)EPN, EPN densification
2LINZAGLINZAGManagementservice Linz GmbHAUT (Austria)EPN
3NGINGINational Geographic Institute of BelgiumBEL (Belgium)EPN densificationAGN
4ROBROBRoyal Observatory of BelgiumBEL (Belgium)EPN, EPN densification, EPOSROB_GNSS
5GDFCEGDFCEGeodesy Department-Faculty of Civil EngineerigBIH (Bosnia and Herzegovina)EPN
6LPTLPTSwiss Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo)CHE (Switzerland)EPN
7GOPGOPGeodetic Observatory Pecny, RIGTCCZE (Czech Republic)EPN, EPN densification, EPOSPPGNET, VESOG
8IGCASIGCASInstitute of Geophysics of the Czech Adademy of ScienceCZE (Czech Republic)EPOS
9IRSMIRSM CASAcademy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Institute of Rock Structure and MechanicsCZE (Czech Republic)EPN, EPN densification, EPOSGEONAS
10ZUZULand Survey OfficeCZE (Czech Republic)EPN, EPN densification, EPOSCZEPOS